ZZ Top

ZZ Top – Official Music Videos
Searching through several web pages to see ZZ Top's official music videos is now a thing of the past. We've done the work for you. Check out the KOOL FM compilation of ZZ's official music videos here!
Like Billy Gibbons’ Hat? Here’s How to Get One
ZZ Top superfans are directed to a new eBay item: Handmade hats similar to the one Billy Gibbons wears are on sale now. They're a little pricey at $375 but, hey, everybody loves a sharp-dressed man, right?
Known as a nudu, or Bamileke beanie, it's been a staple of Gibbons' wardrobe for several years …
Guns N’ Roses + ZZ Top Announce 2013 Australian Tour
From pretty much any point on the planet, Australia is far away, which has the unfortunate effect of making touring there an extremely occasional event for even the biggest rock stars. This spring, however, it'll be Guns N' Roses' turn to head down under -- for a series of dates that will see them p…

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