When you look at the Abilene skyline, it's obvious the Bank of America building is the tallest in town. So, we decided to journey to the top to see what the Key City looked like that high up.

Most people call Abilene's tallest building the Bank of America building, but the name is actually the Enterprise Tower.

Getting inside the Enterprise Tower in Abilene is easy. Getting to the roof is a completely different story. So, we enlisted the help of our good friend Ronica Coldiron-McWhirter, from LMB Real Esate Group, to get to the very top of the building - out on the roof.

It's good to have friends in high places, literally. Ronica is the Operations Manager of the Enterprise Tower as well as the Twin Towers over by the mall.

Abilene has its own unique beauty from the street view, but 20 stories up is pretty dang awesome.

Check out the pictures of Abilene, from the tallest building in town, in the gallery above. Be on the look out for the next round of pictures high atop the Twin Towers.