I ran across a story yesterday from the Washington D.C. area and it's gaining more and more exposer today. It's a new trendy thing that teens are doing 'just to have fun'. It's called 'knockout' and they simply walk up to strangers and punch them in the face.

This completely shocked me, although that's getting harder and harder to do, how could these kids get a kick out of this? They walk up to anyone walking down the street and punch them as hard as they can and try to knock them out.

It could be an older person, a mom with kids, a person out for a walk, someone running errands anyone is who is walking is at risk. This is just plain ridiculous and what goes through the minds of some people just amazes me. To top it off it's 'just for fun' because they are bored.

I hope they catch everyone doing this and make them 'not bored'. Put them to work scrubbing toilets in a hospital, picking up trash on the side of the road, make them paint over all the graffiti on walls or come clean my office (that'll teach them) etc.