Two new entertainment apps have dropped for the Xbox 360, which should make anime and telenovela fans pretty happy.

Microsoft continues to branch out with new streaming entertainment options this week with the announcement that Telemundo and Neon Alley apps were coming to the video app store. Both are free to download, however Neon Alley is a subscription-based service.

With Telemundo, you can watch all the classic programming like Caso Cerrado,12 Corazones, La Patrona, Pasión Prohibida, Fandango Cine, and Crossover One on One. Neon Alley on the other hand is an anime network which shows dozens of English-dubbed series 24/7 for $6.99 a month. Telemundo is only currently available in the U.S., but Neon Alley is available throughout North America.