The Texas Department of Public Safety or DPS revealed a new section to it's website today. It's aimed at helping close Cold Case murder investigations by sparking public interest in them once again. There will also be a Texas Rangers Top 12  cold cases featured on the site; those will rotate periodically. The aim of the project is to revive these investigations, with help from the public, and hopefully find closure for the families. “Cold cases are typically challenging to solve for a variety of reasons, but we want to send a clear message that we are not giving up on these murder victims,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “Our goal for this webpage – and the investigative efforts supporting it – is to shine a new light on these crimes, so they are not forgotten. We are committed to bringing these ruthless criminals to justice and to bringing some amount of closure to the families involved.”

The website features a total of 68 cases some dating as far back as 1978. Some of those cases even offer rewards and are noted as such on the site.

Texas Rangers as well as local police departments will reassess information, evidence, persons of interest and maybe even find new witness, or information that can lead to closer.

The TV show Cold Case always fascinated me in that, with new technology, old evidence could be re-analyzed and lead to the arrest of the person(s) responsible or at least bring closer to the family of the victims.

The public will also have a chance to submit information online or by calling the toll free number 1800-346-3243. You can, of course, remain anonymous.

To check out the features of the site visit Unsolved Homicides or Texas Rangers Top12 Cold Case Investigations.

I checked the site out myself and noticed one of the Top 12 cases is actually from our area; Jones County to be specific. Cortney Clayton, a 7 year old from Stamford, Texas was murdered in 1988 and her killer(s) have never been found.

This is a great new tool for helping with Cold Cases that hopefully will be able to bring peace to some families.