Disc golf players may now think twice about going into someone's yard to retrieve their disc after hearing this story. According to Midland Reporter Telegram, a man shot a teen who was doing exactly that.

Buddy Myers, 43, is facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting at a teenager who had gone into his backyard to retrieve a disc.

The report says that the 19-year old kid accidentally threw his disc in the backyard while playing a course at a nearby park. The teen knocked on the door of the house, but, after no answer, decided to look over the fence to see where his disc was. That's when Myers allegedly came out of his house, pulled out a pistol, and shot it towards the teen.

After Midland Police were called, Myers then barricaded himself in his house. But, after about an hour, he came out without any further problems. Nobody was hurt in the incident.

I can totally understand standing up for your property and all of that. But, come on, man. The teen knocked on the door first, then just peered over the fence...he wasn't even actually on the property.

As a little kid, I remember losing footballs, baseballs and a lot of other things over my neighbors fence. Usually, I would just go get it without a care in the world.

Then again, that's when kids used to actually play outside all the time. Man, how times have changed.

What do you think about this story? Was the man right in "defending" his property, or did he sort of "jump the gun" a little bit?