Over the weekend I was doing some laundry and my sister called. We started talking about how my husband and everyone in her family don't check their pockets before they throw their clothes in the hamper. Oh, the things we've accidentally washed!

Of course both of us have accidentally washed Kleenex oh, what a mess! But, we've washed other strange things. I've washed my husband's wallet, oops! Yeah, I had all his money, receipts and more all hanging up to dry.

A few weeks ago, I was washing my husband's honey do project clothes, I put the clothes in the wash and a few minutes later I started hearing a lot of BANGING going on. I stopped the wash and low and behold I found a screwdriver! Not a little screwdriver, but a BIG screwdriver! How did I miss that? I could swear I checked the pockets!

What is the strangest thing you accidentally washed in the washing machine?