Most people probably know by now, that I love tornadoes. So it shouldn't be a surprise that this time each year (Spring), I'm checking out the weather constantly and searching for the latest and greatest tornado videos on YouTube or other sites. Well, while cruising through YouTube, I found this video of this couple in Kansas who got married while a tornado was spinning just miles away.

Meet Caleb and Candra Pence, who were married last year in Kansas, which is right in the middle of the famed 'Tornado Alley'. During their ceremony, which was outside, a tornado formed just a few miles away. Well, this apparently didn't stop the wedding at all. I guess being in Tornado Alley makes you a little numb to tornadoes touching down around you.

The photographer at the wedding, snapped several pictures of the twister, and also filmed this incredible footage.

Tornado Crashes Wedding

So, you're kicking back at a wedding ceremony and a tornado forms.  What do you do? Apparently in Kansas, you don't do anything at all.