Ultimate Classic Rock is officially three years old today, and thanks to your incredible support, we've done Kiss one better and gone DOUBLE-'Double Platinum!'

That's right, over four million people visited our site last month. All told, over 48 million readers have dropped by since our launch in May of 2011. So yes, Dad, once and for all this IS a real job, and we did NOT waste our childhood.

In addition, sometime in the coming days we will reach one million Facebook likes. We can't tell you how grateful we are for all of your support and feedback over the past three years. (Well, most of the feedback. Let's face it, sometimes a few of you play pretty rough in the comments sections.)

We've got some pretty big plans for the coming weeks and months -- including continuing to ramp up our fast-growing exclusive videos collection over on YouTube. You can see some of our favorites down below.

We also want to thank our amazing team of writers and editors, as well as sister sites such as Loudwire and Diffuser.fm for their help and comradery. Here's to even bigger things in year four!

OK time for some stats - As of this morning, we've published 11,721 stories. Here's the bands and artists we've written about the most:

1. The Beatles -- 509 stories
2. Kiss -- 435
3. Rolling Stones -- 404
4. Led Zeppelin -- 346
5. Van Halen -- 320
6. Aerosmith -- 295
7. Paul McCartney -- 289
8. Bruce Springsteen -- 284
9. Guns N' Roses -- 284
10. Metallica - 257

And here's the most popular features of our first three years:

1. The Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
2. Stars With Rock Star Dads
3. Rockers Who Died at Age 27
4. Strangest Rock Deaths
5. Top 50 Beatles Songs
6. 25 Saddest Songs Ever
7. Top 10 Eagles Songs
8. Disturbing Songs People Love
9. Banned Music Videos
10. See What Your Favorite Dead Rock Stars Would Look Like If They Were Still Alive