We are coming up on 'wedding' season. June is the most popular month to get married in and I'm already seeing photos on Facebook of those planning their upcoming nuptials. I see a lot of people on Pinterest, as well, posting their favorite hair-do's, cakes, dresses, decorating ideas and more. I've even seen some beautiful pictures of places they would like to have the wedding; some are destinations others just cute little buildings. That got me to thinking about unique places right here in Abilene to have a wedding. Here's what I came up with.

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    The Windsor Hotel

    The Windsor Hotel in downtown has a long history in Abilene. Built in 1890 if, of course, has gone through a refurbishing and now has an elegant ball room and also serves as an apartment complex for those 55 and older. The hotel is located at 401 Pine St. and is available for weddings, special occasions and bridal photo shoots as well. You get 3 rooms when you rent the Windsor; the ballroom, mezzanine, and brides room. That makes for a great all inclusive location for the wedding and reception. For information about pricing and reserving the hotel for your special day call (325) 677-0824.

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    The Grace Museum

    The Grace Museum in another historic building in downtown Abilene that has multiple purposes. It's a museum of history, art exhibition hall, children's education facility and more. The Grace has 8 different venues that can be rented for receptions, dances, weddings, quinceaneras, board meetings and more. One particularly unique quality of the Grace is the rooftop. This is a popular place for summer weddings. The scenery is great especially at night; overlooking Abilene and the lights. The Grace is located at the corner of Cypress and N. 1st (102 Cypress St.). Prices for each room vary but can run you as little as $75 an hour ($130 for the rooftop). I've actually been to a wedding on the rooftop and it was beautiful, very peaceful and romantic. For more information contact the Grace at  325.673.4587.

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    Willow Creek Chapel and Events

    Willow Creek is a cute little old time looking chapel. It's non-denominational and can accommodate 150 guests. There is also the option of an outdoor ceremony that can accommodate 200 guests. The outdoor ceremonies are held under a lighted white arbor stationed under large pecan trees. You can get all inclusive packages or individual wedding/reception packages. Pricing will vary based on package choice and time of year.   For more information contact 325.692.5506.

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    The Meadows at Creative

    This venue is located 8 miles outside of Abilene and run by Danny and Vera Snook. Being photographers and shooting hundreds of weddings they decided to start their own wedding business. They have an in-house wedding coordinator to make things easier. The grounds are surrounded by 30 ft. oak trees and can seat up to 500 guests. You can choose to have your ceremony outside in The Meadows or inside the Celebration Hall. Also with this is the inclusion of your rehearsal night. You can also use Creative to photograph your wedding to make it that much more convenient. Vera and Danny created this to make a bride's life easier and more enjoyable. For package pricing check their website or contact Vera at 325.669.5725.