Most Valedictorian speeches aren't remembered 5 minutes after they are given. (Sorry Valedictorians) Everyone is just ready to walk the stage and say adios! But I have a feeling this kids speech will be remembered at least 15 minutes. He has made National news with it and it's mainly because he ripped it up.

Speeches have to be submitted and approved before they are given on graduation day. So this kid, Roy Costner IV of Liberty High School in South Carolina submitted his 'speech' then during the actual giving of it during the ceremony decided to break into The Lord's Prayer. To the approval and applause of all in the audience.

The school board had recently voted to do away with any kind of prayer during the school function. He really didn't have much to lose at this point and the school district says they are not seeking any type of punishment against the student. What could they do, really? He's a graduate now!

You will see the teachers on stage are a little stunned at first but then there are some smiles of approval.