It's one thing to dress up like a soldier on Halloween, but to do it on a normal day to get military discounts is probably one of the lowest things a person could do. Watch as this veteran noticed something was not right, and calls out this fake soldier at a mall. There is NSFW language in this video.

The video, posted by 'Fake Valor' on YouTube, shows a man wearing an Army Ranger uniform and shopping at a local mall. The man filming the video is veteran who notices immediately that this dude is not on the up and up. He starts asking basic questions that the 'Army Ranger' either can't answer, or answers wrong. The fake dude doesn't even have the American flag in the right place on his uniform.

I have never been in the military, or even joked about being in it. But, I can definitely understand why the real veteran would be upset. The fake solider can be summed up in one word, scum.

Special thanks to Fernando Cuevas of our sister station KLAQ in El Paso for posting this video.