Days after Vince Neil said he would move the Jacksonville Sharks to his hometown of Las Vegas, the team's managing partner is saying the Sharks will remain in Florida. In fact, Jeff Bouchy is denying that the Motley Crue frontman is even an owner of the Arena Football League club, for now.

"Simply stated, the Jacksonville Sharks are neither relocating to the Las Vegas market nor planning to ever leave our great city of Jacksonville," Bouchy says. "We are currently in talks with Vince Neil about becoming a minority owner of the Jacksonville team, but those discussions do not include moving the team to another market, and as of now, neither Vince Neil nor Rockstar Investment Group, Inc. own any part of the Jacksonville Sharks."

On Monday, Neil confirmed that the purchase was made, and was also quoted as saying: "It will be perfect to have an AFL team in Las Vegas."

Bouchy said Neil's vision for expanding the Arena Football League's reach was separate from anything they'd talked about in bringing the singer on board. "Vince Neil has aspirations to create a future expansion team in his current home of Las Vegas, NV, which has led to the confusion with the media," he said.

Bouchy added that he remains hopeful that a partial-ownership agreement with Neil and his investment group would be completed, despite this mix-up: "If we are fortunate enough to have a rock legend join our ownership group, it could happen as early as this week."