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"Rick Rolling" is old news. The NEW thing is Pina Colliding'. What's Pina Colliding, you ask?  It's taking "Escape (The Pina Colada" Song)" and playing it over movie clips where it CLEARLY doesn't belong...

Like when Anthony Hopkins beats a cop to death in "Silence of the Lambs", or when Martin Sheen is thrown out of a window in "The Departed". The results are actually kind of beautiful, somehow.

The other movies that have been Pina Collided so far are "The Lion King", "Lord of the Rings", "Seven", "Saving Private Ryan", "The Hitcher", "The Untouchables", "300" and "Jaws".

The genius who invented this insanity has all the videos on a Tumblr page. Let's hope this keeps going.  (WARNING!!!  Some of the clips contain foul language.)

Here's my favorite one: