Now that we have some nominations for the 'Soldier of the Week,' it's time to learn more about those nominated. To nominate someone click on "Soldier of the Week."  Vote now for this weeks nominees, remember to vote early every week then share this with your family, friends and co-workers and get them to vote. Here are this weeks nominees.

Stephen Struve – Army – Nominated by Staci Blubaugh

Private First Class Stephen Struve, graduated from Wylie High School in 2007. He is currently stationed in Bamberg, Germany. PFC Struve recently returned to Germany after a year-long deployment to Afghanistan with the 42nd Clearance Company. He is married to Tana (Gibbs) Struve of Winters and they have one daughter Paisley 18 months old.

Col. Scott Petersen, commander of the 18th Eng. Bde commented on their return from Afghanistan. “We are immensely proud. We have been tracking what you do, what you’ve done downrange, and it’s just phenomenal,” Petersen said. “In fact, I think I’m looking at the best engineering company I have ever seen in the United States Army.”

James Wesley Brown – Army – Nominated by Darryl and Donna Montes

He has dedicated his life since Graduation from Abilene High School to the Military and will soon retire after 20 years of Dedication. Unit: US ARMY 13TH FMC.

Chance William Darby – Army – Nominated by Lynlee Darby

My son is a home town boy that graduated from Jim Ned. He went in the Army 5 years ago at 18. He is 1st Brigade 82nd Airborne. He did one combat tour in Iraq and just returned from Afghanistan in September. On May 31, 2012 he was shot in the back of the head during a mission. The bullet lodged in his helmet. It only missed his neck by a small margin. He did not make a big deal of it, some of his close friends had been hurt worse or killed he didn't feel he should be recognized in any way. My son is my hero. He loves his family especially his nieces and nephews and helped me raise 3 of my grandchildren during his senior year of high school. His love for his family and friends and country is unconditional. I am nominating him because he would never accept any recognition for his service and sacrifice. But I believe he deserves to be recognized.

Joe Mack Howard – Navy – Nominated by Marie Howard

My Grandfather was a sailor in the US Navy during the 1960s. He fought several minor battles during his service. Our family has been going through some tough times lately, but I know that no matter what, my grandpa will always be their for me, and will never stop taking care of me. Although he is retired, he still acts like a sailor, loving, and caring for those around him. I am proud that my grandpa was a member of the military, and I hope that he will be chosen as "The Soldier Of the Week!"