Normally, squirrels are all about nuts and vegetation when it comes to eating. But one squirrel in New York City just had to have some dairy in it's diet.

According to the YouTube video description, the squirrel was hanging out in Madison Square Park when it decided to snag a milkshake that someone had left in the trash can.

As you can see in the video above, the squirrel grabs the milkshake like a boss, rips the straw out, and high-tails it across a fence. Then, like he's probably done a million times, he takes the lid off and starts drinking it.

Now, this comes just a few days after a video surfaced showing a New York rat trying to make a fast getaway with a huge piece of pizza. Either rodents in NYC have had enough and are about to take over the city, or the little critters are starting to compete for the most YouTube views.

Either way, I'm hungry for pizza and a milkshake now.