If you grew up in the '60's, '70s and even '80s then you remember the Jetson's cartoon. Flying cars and robot maids were the staples of the show. Now it seems, the future is here. Flying cars are becoming a reality but could pose many problems too.

I've always thought it would be cool to have a flying car and companies like Terrafugia (the company in the video) are seemingly making it a reality; they just need some funding. However, once these cars are built and available what will the rules using them be?

Will we have to have a pilots license in addition to a driver's license. Will there have to be new driver's ed courses and FFA regulations for flying/driving these? What kind of fuel will they burn? They fold up to the size of a car but where will landing pads be located? What about size; will they be made for families? What will happen when everyone has a flying car not just a few people?

As you can see I have many questions and you probably have a few yourself. So what do you think will be the benefits and/or drawbacks to flying vehicles?