We've all been there! Your chilling out watching T.V. and one of those "As Seen On T.V" commercials comes on. You think, "Hey now that's cool!" but, you fight the temptation.

You see the commercial again and you still fight the temptation. Then you're at Walgreen's or Walmart and you see it! There it is calling your name! The temptation is too strong! You buy it! You take it home and try it out...It's crap!

Now, there are good product too, but this is about the BAD!

I bought one of those cell phone thingys to make it hands-free in your car. I have no idea if it works because there wasn't an adapter for my phone! The paper work said they might have an adapter and to just mail $10 and state what phone you have. What? You want me to send you $10 and you "might" have an adapter that fits my phone? Oh yeah, there was NO phone number to call or website info to get in contact with anyone! Grrrrr!

Tell us about the "As Seen On T.V." product you bought that was just AWFUL!