Such a sad day today. We lost the great George Jones. My husband, John and I had the chance to meet George years ago after a concert.

John has been a fan of his since he was a kid in England. Yes, George Jones was and will always be loved all over the world.

Even though my husband had been in the states for 10 years when we met "The Possum",  John told George that he had traveled all the way from England to see him perform that night. We let George in on the joke and he got a great chuckle out of it. He was such a joy to meet! We got his autograph and John got a picture with George. We proudly display the framed picture and autograph in our house. I'm not quite sure why I didn't get my picture taken, but then again, maybe I was just star struck to be in his presence and I forgot! I really have done that a few times! Grrr!

John Monaghan

I feel so fortune to have met a legend like George Jones. Rest in Peace Ol' Possum. We will miss you....