Have you ever had a question but you thought it was so stupid you wouldn't ask it? Well one of mine just got answered. Seems it wasn't such a stupid question after all. There has been actual research into this situation. I have always wondered why dogs do circles before sitting down or going to the bathroom. I now know the answer.

Well, I sort of know the answer. There are a few different theories out there about the situation. 1) It has to do with marking territory 2) Hygiene 3) Earth's magnetic field. Hey I thought they were weird too but then I watched the video and it explained it pretty well. I understand numbers 1 & 2 better than 3 but I'm satisfied with what was presented.

My dogs all do this. My Chihuahua, has to circle at least three times before he will sit down and he gets faster when has to potty. My Cocker Spaniel, does a couple of circles before sitting or going to the bathroom.

So now when someone asks 'I wonder why they do that' I have the answer and so do you. However, I haven't noticed my cats doing this. Seems I need the answer to another crazy question.