We recently reported on Gas Powered Games' layoffs and how its fate rests on the Wildman Kickstarter project. CEO Chris Taylor is optimistic that the game can save the company.

Speaking to Polygon in an e-mail, Taylor expressed that Wildman could help Gas Powered Games get back on its feet and give the company means to rehire its crew.

"I don't want to make any assumptions at this point, but things look much better, and I think it's still going to be a long road ahead, but we're prepared to work very hard to make this happen," said Taylor in the e-mail.

He reached out to a friend in the industry for some advice on what to do with regard to the project and was advised to take it down since his reputation was on the line. But that same friend also encouraged him to ask the Kickstarter audience what to do. Over 500 backers chimed in with their opinions in the comments section, urging him to continue with the project.

"I think the Kickstarter has become about saving a company and the game is a distant second," said Taylor. Of course there are different opinions sprouting from the Kickstarter page, with a lot of fans rallying behind Taylor while others say he shouldn't take the risk.

The project currently has $277,795 pledged out of its goal of $1.1 million. There are still 25 days to go in the project's run, so head to the Kickstarter page to give Taylor your opinion or your help.

And let us know whether or not you think this thing should keep going and whether or not Gas Powered Games can be saved by it!