The Holderness Family is making every holiday fun in their hilarious videos. Last year they made a special 'Xmas Jammies' video that went viral with more than 14 million hits. Then they headed back to school with 'Baby Got Class'. Now they've returned with a Halloween rap parody of Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice called 'Kin & Moose'.

Penn Holderness is super excited about Halloween this year and he's showing it in this video. As a former newscaster, Halloween always fell during 'November Sweeps' (ratings period) and he was unable to trick o' treat with his kids.

However, this year he gets to hang with the family on this special day. His kids have picked the 'Frozen' theme for the family 'Team Halloween' and so the whole family will be dressed as characters from the movie.

Check Out the Pre-Halloween Fun From the the Holderness Family in 'Kin & Moose'