Chuck listed it on Friday for $1.2 MILLION. It's in the Dallas area, and includes FOUR bedrooms, SEVEN full bathrooms and a theater. There's also a separate building that served as a studio for the filming of "Walker, Texas Ranger".

It also has a gym, which includes a bunch of memorabilia from the show, which apparently comes with the house.  It's more than 7,300 square there's PLENTY of room for you to ROUNDHOUSE KICK to your heart's content.

There's nothing wrong with the place, Chuck and his wife have homes elsewhere and want to "downsize."  If you're interested in owning this piece of HISTORY, hurry! A "handful" of potential buyers have already toured the house.

Here are some photos. Click the blue box on the left side of the page to scroll through them.

Oh, and here's an AWESOME, 10-minute compilation of "Walker, Texas Ranger" butt-kicking sequences. It's seriously amazing how inventive they got with these: