Zach Braff, who's gotten in some PR trouble lately for funding his 'Garden State' follow-up through Kickstarter, ignited the ire of the lovable Morgan Freeman while defending the move.

Yes, that Morgan Freeman. The same ubiquitous dude who gets another freckle every time he narrates a movie was kind of thrown under the bus by huggable 'Scrubs' goofball Zach Braff. Is this real life?

A bit of back story: Freeman recently participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit, only to be called out by the community for his lackluster answers that left many postulating it wasn't Freeman at all, but a publicist typing in his stead.

Fast-forward to a Q&A session Braff held to talk about his latest film project 'Wish I Was Here,' which he's funding with crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter. When talk turned to interacting with one's fans, Braff alluded to the brouhaha with Freeman.

"[With] my AMAs I don't hold anything back. It's called Ask Me Anything. Ask me anything, I'll answer it .... It's a conversation it's not a monologue," Braff commented.

So what did Mr. Freeman himself have to say about all of this? Asked by TMZ for his thoughts on Braff's words, Freeman responded with the dead-pan, "Not the best idea."

Which, if you ask us, is way more frightening than him losing his cool.

Watch the video below for more: