Teens looking for a summer jobs have a number of places to apply. One major advantage to looking for a job nowadays, is that nearly all businesses want you to apply online. Here are the best resources to help you find summer employment. Good luck!

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is a great place for all kinds of summer jobs. With the TWC you can apply in person (if you're better at one on one) or online. Steve Collins TWC Business Consultant says "we also have seminars to teach young people how to dress, how to behave and how to apply for jobs."

Here's the TWC information:

Snagajob.com is another great online resource for finding that perfect summer job. Snagajob makes it easy because they qualify you first, to ensure you're the best person for that particular position. According to Snagajob.com has 121 Abilene job openings in food-service or retail. The best part is that you can apply online.

Here's the Snagajob.com information:

FindTheRightJob.com Is another great place to find that perfect summer job. Of all the places I tried to navigate for job openings, FindTheRightJob.com was the easiest and had the most listings using the same criteria. As for jobs, this site listed 773 job openings in our area with links to start applying right now.

Here's the FindTheRightJob.com link:

American Classifieds is the old school way of way of applying for a job. To get a good list of businesses that are hiring, take a glance at your American Classifieds, both in print and online. The American Classifieds online allows you to sort jobs by city and/or zip code.

Here's the American Classified information:

About.com is an awesome resource for learning how to get hired. Their "Teen Job Search Guide" lists a ton of information like, where to get job applications, where teens can and can't work, what hours you can work depending on your age, what to wear for an interview and how to obtain references. The best part is, this is strictly for teens, simple to navigate and guides you to the next step in process to getting you hired and working.

If you would rather talk to a real person about best practices to follow to get hired, the TWC encourages you to contact them and they will put a team of job finding experts at your disposal. Good luck on finding the perfect summer job.

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