Rockers change their minds about retirement all the time, but it sounds like Rush drummer Neil Peart hasn't had any second thoughts about staying off the road.

Frontman Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson sat down with (via Blabbermouth) and talked about the band's future in the wake of their recent farewell to touring, and although they didn't talk much about the possibility of new music, they did admit they've reached out to Peart to gauge his enthusiasm for various ideas about live performances — and laughed that his "responses are not as enthusiastic."

"Not really," Lee responded when asked whether he thinks Rush will ever tour again. "I think I've accepted that it's probably the last one as a tour. So we'll see!"

"It's okay. You know, it is what it is," added Lifeson. "I've been playing a lot lately and I've been doing some writing, just to keep my fingers in it, and I'm finding it's really satisfying. I'm doing some charity gigs with other guys, old guys like me who don't have gigs anymore who get together, and it's a very positive, productive thing that you're doing, and it's fun to get together and play, whenever you get a chance to play. So it's not like it's over."

As for what comes next, the answer remains unclear. Saying he knows he "needed a good clearing of my mind before knowing where my heart wants to go next as an artist," Lee said that he'd gotten offers from people wanting to make music with him, but he's turned them all down thus far. "I don't want to do something just to do it," he explained. "It has got to be meaningful. ... I know that I'll know it when it presents itself to me."

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