Geoff Tate was the voice of Queensryche for years, so it stands to reason that after he was fired from the band and decided to strike out on his own, he was counting on the continued support of his longtime fans. Unfortunately for Tate, it hasn't exactly worked out that way.

Tate's bumpy year, which has already seen him rushing to market with a new album from his version of Queensryche -- and then dealing with fan complaints regarding its mixing job (and overall song quality) -- got a little bumpier during a recent show, which found him dealing with one audience member's overzealous filming by throwing a bit of a rock star tantrum.

The incident, captured by another fan who happened to be filming the show from a different part of the venue, took place after Tate walked to the rim of the stage in order to get up close and personal with the folks in the front -- one of whom happened to be holding a phone aloft in order to capture the band's performance. After seeming to sing directly to the camera for a couple of beats, Tate reached out, grabbed the camera, and tossed it into the audience.

It was relatively benign as far as these things go, but for the YouTube video who uploaded the clip embedded above, it was the last straw. Saying she'd previously been willing to believe Tate was the victim in his firing from Queensryche, she's turning in her fan card with a strongly worded open letter that accuses him of being "incapable of respecting anyone."

"When a musician forgets the reason why he got where he did with his popularity and career...that's when it's time to call it quits," urges the former Tate apologist. "Your fans are the reason why you have gotten as far as you have and made you in the music world. Without them, you'd have been just a man who sang, that no one knew or cared about. If you don't turn this around and learn to appreciate the fans who made you, you will soon be forgotten, just as you have forgotten them."

Meanwhile, Tate's tour, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of Queensryche's 'Operation: Mindcrime' album while promoting the recently released 'Frequency Unknown,' is set to continue throughout June, with veteran solo artist Sass Jordan joining the lineup to sing the part of Sister Mary.

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