The Annual Dachshund Races and Rescued Dogs Reunion is back in 2024. If you are like me, I keep thinking "Is this right? Dachshund races in June?" Then I remembered that the races were moved to June because July is too darn hot! I also remember that Daddy's little dachshund is going to try and bring Daddy a nice trophy as a Father's Day gift.

If you are the proud parent of a dachshund or a close facsimile of one, you should bring your dog to partake in this entertaining event. If you can dress your furry friend, get your dog signed up for the costume contest, along with other friendly competitions for categories like oldest dog, youngest dog, biggest dog, smallest dog, owner-dog look-a-like, and others that will generate a trophy to give to dad for Father's Day.

This is one of my favorite events in the Lone Star State. I am honored to be the master of ceremonies once again, and I invite you to attend. Every year the races bring back some of the craziest dogs in Texas. The fun all takes place at "Dachshund Downs" aka Festival Gardens, across the parking lot from the Abilene Zoo. ALL dogs are welcome.

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The Rescue the Animals SPCA event is scheduled for Thursday, June 13. The Dachshund Races and Rescued Dogs Reunion are open to any breed of rescued dog because every dog is special, as you'll see in the photo gallery from last year.

Admission and participation in this event is free, but donations are needed and graciously accepted.

Sponsorships for this event are available and welcomed. All funds raised go directly to rescuing animals of all kinds here in West Texas. Many animals are rescued and shipped to various other animal rescue groups throughout the United States.

Bring your camera to capture all the heartwarming moments and share your photos with us. Source: 

Gates will open at 5 pm along with food and beverage trucks. The Rescued Dogs Reunion is at 6:30 pm and the races begin at 7 pm. It all takes place at Nelson Park's Festival Gardens. Register online at or call Rescue the Animals at 325-695-SPCA.

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