Join in on a meaningful start to Independence Day festivities in and around the Big Country at the Discovery Center on Wednesday, July 3rd. Hosted by a faith-based organization founded in 1980 by Tommy and Carolyn Walden to spread the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ, this free event is titled "In God We Still Trust."

The Discovery Center, known for its role as a Christian Learning Center, invites the community to participate in an afternoon of reflection and celebration. While there will be music, the focus of the event is on deepening understanding through exhibits that highlight American history and values from a Christian perspective.

"We're excited to welcome families and individuals to our 'In God We Still Trust' event," said Carolyn Walden, Founder and director of the Discovery Center. "It's an opportunity for us to come together as a community, honor our nation's founding principles, and reaffirm our faith in God."

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Everyone can expect engaging exhibits and activities, you can even see a piece of the last remaining "Liberty Tree" from the American Revolutionary War on Independence.  then explore the significance and importance of faith in shaping American heritage. The event will also offer an opportunity to have your photo taken with Uncle Sam.

Plus you can take an American Heritage treasure hunt, see American history videos, enjoy special American historical music, and a stage show. Furthermore, there will be games where you can win prizes plus snacks, cookies, and more.

This Fourth of July learn the real history behind America's Independence and the freedoms we enjoy during the "In God We Still Trust" event. Their mission statement is: The Discovery Center exists to provide scientific and historical evidence that affirms the truth of the Bible.

Don't miss this chance to celebrate freedom and faith with us at the Discovery Center  Located at 810 Butternut Street in Abilene. The best part is that admission to all this fun is free. "In God We Still Trust" promises a meaningful experience for the whole family.

For more information, please visit the Discovery Center's website, or call them at (325) 673-5050.

Join the Fun on Independence Day at the Discovery Center in Abilene
Photo by: Discovery Center/Carolyn Walden

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