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Summer is here, and so are the dinosaurs! I love this event, it's the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau's "All Tracks Lead to Grapevine." This prehistoric adventure, running from June 3rd to July 31st, promises to be a hit with visitors of all ages.

Imagine stepping back a million years to unearth hidden dinosaur bones. You can do that at this Dino-Dig site in the Grapevine Tower Gallery (636 S. Main St.). Aspiring paleontologists of all ages can dig for fossils, take photos with a mighty T-Rex, and learn about the fascinating world of dinosaurs throughout the event and gallery.

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For just one dollar, the Grapevine Tower Gallery exhibit offers a deep dive into the prehistoric past, showcasing the Western Interior Seaway that once covered North Texas. Don’t miss the Dino Talks with Grapevine’s Fossil Hunter, Murray Cohen. Last year, Cohen made headlines worldwide for discovering a new type of dinosaur jawbone at Lake Grapevine, see the video below.

He’ll be sharing his fossil-hunting expertise and tips, including how to make casts of dinosaur tracks and the techniques used in jacketing, mapping, and collecting fossils. After exploring the Dino-Dig, go up 12 stories at the Grapevine Observation Tower (815 S. Main St.) for a bird’s-eye view of the sites where these incredible discoveries have been made. Tickets for that tour are just $3, and it’s open seven days a week.

Plus you have the opportunity to step back in time on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad’s "Dinos on the Tracks." From June 14th to July 19th, enjoy fun activities for all ages. Dr. Ron Tykoski of the Perot Museum will present special narrations about different dinosaurs. Tickets are available in advance at GVRR.com they range from $10-$12.

Every Thursday morning at the Historic Palace Theatre, enjoy classic dinosaur movies that include favorites like "The Land Before Time" and "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs." The Grapevine Public Library is also joining the prehistoric fun with a series of programs for kids. From interacting with real dinosaur bones to learning about the dinosaurs that once roamed Texas, there’s something for every young dinosaur enthusiast.

Get ready for a summer adventure like no other. For more information, visit GrapevineTexasUSA.com/dinosaurs. Make this summer the one to remember with roaring prehistoric fun and excitement. in Grapevine!

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Gallery Credit: Chaz

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