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The tracker market has really exploded over the past few years because we Texans are working harder to keep up with our children, our elderly loved ones, and one another. Because we are a more mobile society and the increase in Alzheimer's disease, there were a total of 151 "Silver Alerts" in 2022 Texas, that's one every two days.

Remember a Silver Alert is just like an Amber Alert but it's about an elderly person who may suffer from Dementia and or Alzheimer's and has gone missing. While a lot of Texans are diagnosed with Alzheimer's and or dementia, here's a rundown of the top ten Alzheimer's states according to the CDC numbers.

Projected Number with Alzheimer’s (#'s in thousands)
Rank         State                     2020                  2025
1.                 California                590                       840
2.                 Florida                     590                       720

3.                New York                 410                        460
3.             Texas                     400                     490
4.                Pennsylvania          280                       320
5.                 Illinois                     230                        260
6.                 Ohio                         220                        250
7.                  Michigan               190                         220
8.                  New Jersey          190                          210
9.                  North Carolina    180                         210
10.                Arizona                  150                         200
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ALZ.org

While in 2022 Texas DPS issued a record number of Silver Alerts, and as we're heading into 2023, there have been nine total alerts that have been issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (they included Amber, Silver, and missing abducted).

As we head into the second week of 2023, it's already promising to be an active year. One way to solve that is, to keep a closer eye on our children, parents, grandparents, or anyone struggling with Alzheimer's or dementia. To help there are these really cool shoe-sole inserts and no one has to know (as seen in the video above)

Introducing smart soles, an insert that you put inside your shoes. Then pair the shoes to your phone and or internet site where you can keep track of your loved ones at all times (so long as they have their phones with them). However, if you have to keep up with a  loved one that might get lost, track their soles.


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