School is almost over and it's time to start planning. Where will you take the family on vacation this year? In the great state of Texas, there is no shortage of awesome places to vacay with the family.

It doesn't matter if you want white sandy beaches, tree-shaded state parks, fishing lakes, rafting rivers, or awesome outdoor walking trails, Texas has you covered. The only thing you won't find in Texas is snow to ski on.

Take a good look at these places and you will discover that many of these destinations are just a couple hours away from Abilene. So ask the family where they would like to vacation. You may be able to incorporate two or three of your family's ideas.

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As you start deciding where to go, make sure you pack the necessary things you will need to accommodate your outdoor vacation. If I may, please secure a good first aid kit to keep handy at all times, read each park's water safety tips, and have an ample supply of bug repellent to keep those creepy critters off of you.

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Now, let's look for a fantastic place for the whole family to hang out this summer in Texas. Remember that most of the places I mention are close to West Texas, the Concho Valley, the Panhandle, and the Big Country. There are certainly some fun summer destinations to vacation in Texas within reasonable driving distance.

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