As if we didn't have enough to worry about throughout the Lone Star State with the recent storms destroying things. Last week, several Public Health offices throughout Texas reported the first positive tests for West Nile virus in mosquitoes throughout the State.

Furthermore, many storms that went through these past few weeks, left a lot of standing water, making it the perfect breeding ground for these pesky little blood-sucking critters. Many of the public health districts are reporting that they are getting positive results back on their West Nile virus testing.

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Many are saying that mosquitoes have tested positive for the West Nile Virus yet no humans have tested positive as of Wednesday before the Memorial holiday weekend. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) officials are reminding all Texans that after the recent rain storms with the warmer weather, they're seeing an increase in mosquito populations throughout Texas.

One Houston Public Health official Dr. Maximea, Harris County Health director reminds all Texans to enjoy the outdoors but remember to be proactive and protect yourself and your families from these disease-carrying varmints. The CDC also reminds us that on average 1 in 5 people infected with the West Nile virus will never show any typical symptoms like fever, headaches, and body aches.

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However, one in 150 people develop a serious illness and those over the age of sixty are at greater risk of developing severe symptoms. So it pays to think ahead and practice some of these valuable steps to avoid being bitten by disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Some of the things that can help you avoid being bitten may already be in your home's medicine cabinet. I try to tell everyone, "I firmly believe that Vicks Vaporub is the best mosquito repellent that's ever been made!" That said know that mosquitos also spread the Zika Virus as well according to the CDC.

More importantly, be advised that many of the available over-the-counter products are NOT good for young children many contain the chemical Deet. The video down below is something I compiled a couple of years ago to share my secrets of mosquito repellents when there were several reported cases of West Nile Virus near me. And yes, I Rudy Fearless Fernandez am the "One-Armed Outdoorsman." I do these to share my shortcut secrets.

Enjoy the great outdoors in Texas, remember to be proactive, and stay healthy. Sources: CDC, Zappify Bug,, and,

This is a list of natural plants that can help deter mosquitos altogether.

  • Mint – Mentha – Grown in gardens or as a salve repels mosquitoes
  • Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia – The scent repels mosquitoes
  • Eucalyptus – Natural oil from the eucalyptus tree repels nearly all insects
  • Basil – Ocimum americanum – Essential oils
  • Lemon Thyme – Thymus vulgaris – repels mosquitoes naturally
  • Citronella Grass – Cymbopogon nardus – A plant that keeps mosquitoes away
  • Lemon Grass – Cymbopogon – containing citronella, a natural repellent oil
  • Garlic – Allium sativum – Is a natural way to repel mosquitoes
  • Bee Balm – Monarda – Is a beautiful flowering plant
  • Lemon Balm – Melissa officinalis – Lemon balm is a herb in the mint family
  • Cadaga Tree – Eucalyptus torelliana – Planted can repel mosquitoes
  • Floss Flower – Ageratum – Found in manufactured mosquito repellents
  • Catmint – Nepeta faassenii – Is very effective at keeping mosquitoes away
  • Lemon Scented Geranium – Pelargonium crispum – A natural mosquito repellent
  • Catnip – Nepeta cataria – Is an effective mosquito repellent
  • Vanilla Leaf – Achlys triphylla – Used by native tribes as an insect repellant
  • Mexican Marigold – Tagetes lucida – Smell is offensive to people & mosquitoes
  • Cedars – Thuja species – Many repellent products contain cedar oil
  • Clove – Syzygium aromaticum – A natural mosquito repellent
  • Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis – Planted can control mosquito infestation

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