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Last week when the radio station's exterminator came around doing his regular rounds spraying for bugs, I asked him about insects that could be very dangerous and even deadly. These insects are found right here in our hometown. Since we didn't really have a really cold winter or snowpocalypse like in years before to kill a lot of them off, we will see more of them around.

What I learned scared me and I asked "what insects are the most dangerous?" He said, "Texas is notorious for having brown recluse spiders, these little ugly brown creatures of death like it hot and dark." So, what place in your home or business is hot and dark? That would be the attic first and foremost and unworn shoes.

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That's what got my attention because years ago when we first moved into our current home I had a brown recluse fall out of the AC vent and onto me while I was lying in bed one night. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and I called exterminators to come to spray on a regular basis. Yes, the brown recluse spider is deadly and the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) says that the recluse like to work at night.

What really scared me a few days ago is the fact that the Africanized Killer Bees are the deadliest of all. Yes, there have been a few fatalities caused by these killer bees, and those that were attacked by the bees were just trying to get rid of them.  So, yes they really are killer bees. However, the Texas A&M Forest Service says that for bee removal one should visit Texas Apiary Inspection Service’s Website.

As for black widow spiders, they are very venomous and their bite can cause all kinds of pain, muscle cramps, spasms, and even death. Fatalities are somewhat rare however, very young children and the elderly are more at risk of dying.

Texas Department of Health and Human Services says the black widows usually like to hide in firewood, attics, barns, patios, decks, under eaves, meter boxes, and rarely worn shoes. To avoid having any encounters with any of these deadly insects

Remember, these insects play an important role in helping to balance the environment as they eat pests that invade our daily lives. Again, these insects are very dangerous and can be deadly if you are bitten, seek medical attention immediately, and always check the shoes you left on the porch.

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