Folks in Texas usually pride themselves on their manners and how well they behave in public. We try to pass on these values to our children, but unfortunately, we still see some bad behavior, especially in Fort Worth, Texas where some of the rudest children in America reside.

The website Solitaired surveyed Americans about the behaviors they have witnessed from children in cities across the country to determine which cities have the best and worst-behaved kids.

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Their survey found some interesting stats in the Lone Star State. According to the report, Forth Worth, Texas ranks 5th with the rudest kids in America. Not to knock Austin, but many folks think that the capital of the Lone Star State may have some of the rudest people in Texas so you would think that city would be at the top of the list.

That myth has been unfounded as Austin ranks 5th with the least rude kids in America. The report also went on to list Dallas, Texas as the 6th least rude city in America. San Antonio ranked 10th as the city with the most polite kids.

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What Made Kids Rude In Texas?

On average, 11% of Texans see 5-8 year olds throwing fits in public, while 21 % surveyed saw kids 9-12 year-olds disobeying their parents or city rules. On average a whopping 30% of Texans see 13-17 year-olds not saying "please" or "thank you". That same age demographic is considered the worst-behaved kids in Texas.

Overall, the report states that in 2024, 72% of Americans think that kids are more rude now than ever for a variety of reasons. Social media tops that list with other reasons including a lack of respect for others, being spoiled, parenting, and more.

You can check out Solitaired for the detailed report.

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Gallery Credit: Brad Elliott

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