The Hendrick Blood Center is in need of blood and regular blood donors. Simply put, blood saves lives. Maybe it's already saved your life or the life of someone you know.

Below are there several blood drive events in Abilene and around the area. Stop in and give that gift of life.

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Monday, August 1st

Tuesday, August 2nd

Wednesday, August 3rd

Thursday, August 4th

Friday, August 5th

Saturday, August 6th

Monday, August 8th

Tuesday, August 9th

Wednesday, August 10th

Thursday, August 11th

Friday, August 12th

Monday, August 15th

Tuesday, August 16th

Wednesday, August 17th

Thursday, August 18th

Friday, August 19th

Sunday, August 21st

Tuesday, August 23nd

Wednesday, August 24th

Thursday, August 25th

Friday, August 26th

Monday, August 29th

Tuesday, August 30th

Wednesday, August 31st

For questions contact Kelsey Caprio at

The life that you save could be your own

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