I was today years old when I found out there are two actual, legal casinos operating in the Great State of Texas. Did you know about these? One is in East Texas. 

Granted it's kind of Southern-East Texas, but it's much closer than the other one.

Let's start with the farthest from us in a town that has been getting a lot of press lately, not for a good reason, but press non the less...

The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino - Google Maps
Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino - Google Maps

Eagle Pass, Texas, on the Kickapoo Tribal Reservation, is the location of this fine gambling establishment that probably won't be on your bucket list anytime soon. Yes, that is the same "Eagle Pass" where thousands of illegal immigrants pour over our southern border each week. I'm guessing this is not going to be a hotspot destination for tourism until they get that mess under control. Which is unfortunate, the Rio Grand Valley was a great vacation destination up until recently. We hope it will be again soon.

The casino looks very nice offering slots, poker, bingo, all kinds of great entertainment, and more.

If you do want to forge onward to a casino destination you've never been to before, here's your chance, log on to LuckyEagleTexas.com.

Let's check out one a little closer to this side of the state...

Naskila Gaming - Alabama-Coushatta Reservation

Naskila Gaming - Javier R Google Maps
Naskila Gaming - Javier R/Google Maps

This hotel casino complex is located much closer to us near Lake Livingston in the Big Thicket of Deep East Texas on the Alabam-Coushatta Reservation.

Naskila Gaming Sign off Hwy 190 - Google Maps
Naskila Gaming Sign off Hwy 190 - Google Maps

In reading up on it, this casino sounds like it's mainly slots and electronic bingo gaming. I love their website description though:

Naskila Gaming has 800 of the light-flashingest, bell-ringingest, funnest electronic bingo games around. Best of all, our payouts are positively Texas-sized!

The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe played a big part in Texas' independence from Mexico, read more about their history here.

For more information, log on to Naskila.com.

Both casinos are located on Native American Reservations and as such are not subject to local or state laws when it comes to gambling restrictions, they fall under US Federal law. More power to them.

I grew up pretty close to the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe and to my shame, have never been there. I must remedy that soon. Might just go pull a handle or two on a one-armed bandit while I'm at it.

The Most Expensive Home For Sale In Texas

This listing was found on a real estate listing site called Zillow in September of 2022.

$43 Million buys you this unbelievable 6-bedroom home not far from downtown Dallas. If that seems a bit pricey, think in terms of imported Bulgarian limestone, custom iron doors, black and white panda marble, bright-white columned archways, gourmet kitchen, custom cabinetry, countertops of Azul Macaubus, blue-hued quartzite, and African mahogany in the library/study. Plus the wine room, theater, yoga and exercise room, sauna, spa, and safe room. Out of 8 full baths and 3 half baths, no two bathrooms are alike.

Then there's the massive garage with 7 or 10 parking bays with electric charging stations. Geo heating/cooling, solar panels, and groundwater tank.

Is this the place for you?

Mid America Flight Museum - Mt Pleasant, Texas

Open: Saturday from 8 AM until noon.
Admission: FREE

Texas Histerical Marker in Old Denison Home

This house was built in 1892, just imagine what it could be today?
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