A company in Houston, TX is making it easier than ever to overcome daily obstacles due to color blindness.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash
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Color Factory Houston has partnered with EnChroma, a California-based lens technology company, in discounting their stock of indoor color blind glasses for the millions affected by this hereditary mutation.

Color blindness facts

In the world, it's estimated that nearly 300 million people (1.25 million in Texas alone), 8% of males and .5% of females, suffer from color vision deficiency. That also means that for every 12 males, one is most likely color blind. For females? About one in every 200.

Photo by Denise Chan on Unsplash
Photo by Denise Chan on Unsplash

There are multiple forms of color blindness ranging from red-green (the most common) to monochromacy (little to no color perception at all).

In everyone's beautiful eyeballs, we have three cones that determine how we see red, green and blue colors. When one cone is not behaving the way it should, it affects how our eyes respond to that specific color.

So, those with dichromacy only have two working cones, and those with monochromacy have only one functioning cone. Monochromatic eyes can range from only seeing pale colors to full on gray-scale vision, 24/7.

Color Factory Houston

The Color Factory in Houston aims to ease the frustrations of those who experience any of the aforementioned mutations. They are making it easier to obtain specialized glasses that fill in those missing gaps in color from non-working cones.

As of now, the glasses only aid those with red-green color blindness but they vary in styles and designs.

So, the next time you visit Houston, make sure you add the Color Factory to your list of stops. It's vibrant designs and décor make excellent opportunities for photos. Maybe I can then be Insta-famous! How do I take a picture on Instagram again?...

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