When it begins to heat up in Texas, people might head to one place: the beach!

After all, living in triple digit temperatures day after day after day with no way to cool off is less than ideal. Also, air conditioners in the state need a break now and again right? So some Texans make their way to beaches of the Lone Star State to swim, and maybe get a good tan as well.

When someone goes to a Texas beach, there's a chance they could see something interesting. Like other animals swimming in the water with them, perhaps people on jet skis. But as of late, Texans are seeing orange, green, and other colored boxes appear on the shore.

Where are these boxes coming from, and what could they mean? Well it turns out the answer is rather simple.

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The Orange And Green Boxes On Texas Beaches Mean This

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the boxes in question aren't from the Lone Star State originally. The boxes are from the state of Louisiana actually, per a post to social media:

As shown in the post above, these boxes are helping out our friends in the ocean known as sea turtles. Of the 80 sent into the water, the Statesman says nearly half will make their way to Lone Star State Beaches.

So if one were to find on a beach in Texas, there's no need to worry about them being harmful. But, you should return the box per the post of course. You shouldn't tamper with them if they are in the water however.

So be smart around these boxes Texas! They're helping our sea turtle friends!

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