The Texas Triangle has been a very popular topic of interest for the United States, and it has almost acted more like a Texas magnet for the flood of incoming new residents that are seeking a better life by fleeing their current situation in hopes of prosperity and freedom in the Lone Star State.

As our largest metros and their corresponding suburbs and neighboring communities have continued to boom as expected, there are some Texans who are leaving those swelling regions in hopes to find a bit more breathing room.

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It is not just relocating Texans that are seeking out the smaller communities too because many people also relocate to Texas to retire, and some, like myself, actually come from rural settings, so we already know the joys of living in a smaller and much warmer community.

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Often when you look at the lists of best small towns in the state, they are highlighted with Fredericksburg, and it is a wonderful town that showcases rich Texas history, great food, and the obvious beauty of Hill Country. However, it is also very refreshing to see that Texas is just as stacked with great small towns as they are major metros.

Excellent Texas Small Town Made Best In America

According to this HGTV article, Gruene is the most charming small town in Texas, and among the very best in the entire country. Guene is now technically a district within New Braunfels, but you definitely know you have entered a separate "town" when you visit.

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Gruene is less than an hour from both Austin and San Antonio. What is your favorite charming small town in Texas?

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