A Texas man is eyeing a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Thanks to his love of the late Tejano star, Selena, he may just make it.

Selena, of course, isn't actively helping this guy out. She was tragically murdered in 1995 by the psychotic president of her fan club. Her image though could be, literally, one for the books.

Corpus Christi resident Andrew Longoria has been spent a decade getting ready for this world record attempt.

Longoria is a collector of Selena memorabilia and he's hoping he's purchased enough of it to get himself a world record.

Growing up near the Selena museum n Corpus Christi played a big role in growing his collection. Being a big fan, he visited the museum often and would always buy some sort of souvenir. Family members gifted him things as birthday and Christmas gifts too.

At the moment, he's got about 1,300 items in his collection.

Growing up by the museum and getting Selena stuff as gifts certainly spurred his collection but it was his Grandmother who truly inspired him. She was a big time Elvis fan and was always getting Elvis stuff from people.

Remembering buying her Elvis things himself led him to want a big collection of some sort of his own. He and his Grandmother actually went together to buy Selena's (Dreaming of You) album album when Longoria was 5.

You can check out all his stuff and get more info on his world record attempt on his Instagram page.

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