Justin Bieber's trip to South America has been quite a headache for the singer, with the sleeping video, the junk food parties, the hookers, the graffiti and the hotel problems. Adding insult to injury, he got food poisoning while in Argentina.

He Instagrammed a photo of himself, sharing news of his condition. That pic is below. Awwww, poor baby.

Then he tweeted about feeling like crap. Despite being afflicted with a pretty uncomfortable health problem, he soldiered on for the Argentinian faction of Beliebers.

He attempted to do the show, but had to cut the concert short, as his bro Alfredo Flores tweeted.

He got a gift from Beliebers the next day, with new #MusicMondays song 'All Bad' landing at No. 1. That's a quick cure, right?

Good job, 'Liebers! See his "Thank You" tweet below.

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