We don't know how true this is but this picture has been floating around on Facebook. The restaurant Sava Italiano has shut their doors for good and it seems like someone posted a strange 'goodbye' message on their front door.

The Savi restaurant only lasted about a year and did not ever have much business by the looks of their empty parking lot seven days a week. A customer who went to go eat there Thursday night saw this letter posted on the front door and took a picture of it. Now, we don't know if this letter was posted by management or an employee of the Savi restaurant, but it seems to be a message directed at Amarillo.

The Sava Italiano Facebook Page has recently stated "Don't believe all you hear and see folks." Yet, the sign is posted behind the glass which leads people to believe that it was posted by someone that is affiliated with the business.

Do you have any insider info on whether this is real or not? Tip us in the comments below!

There is NSFW language in this message.



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