Back in 1963, two British women recorded some sort of fan message for Paul McCartney on a reel-to-reel tape..and sent it to The Beatles.

The women, who were teenagers at the time, said...among other things...quote, "This dream is just to come round the back and see you, but I don't suppose that'll ever happen. But we can always live in hope, can't we?"

The problem was, the tape never made it to Paul.

It's unclear what happened to it, but years later a local historian bought it at a flea market. He thought it was he tried to find the women. Eventually, with the help of a BBC show, he was able to bring them back together.

When they reunited, they were presented with Paul's response.

He said, quote, "Hi Linda and Barbara, thanks very much for your lovely tape. It finally got through, better late than never. Great to hear that you found each other after all these years. Keep enjoying the music. Love, Paul."

Here's a video news report on this story. You can see footage of the women's reunion, beginning at the 1:02 mark.