Sunday mornings are set aside for a bunch of things. Bacon sizzling and the smell of coffee brewing, family get-togethers, and for most of us worship and going to church.

Many Abilene families that I know take their faith and worship seriously. Reverence is very important. I think most of us will agree there's a way you're supposed to act in church and there's a way you're not. Many of us were raised with mothers and grandmothers who would give us one good glare if we even thought of misbehaving. You'd have a hard time believing what still goes on during church nowadays.

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A blog from Charisma Magazine uncovered the rudest things people do in church and, believe it or not, I have witnessed everyone. Follow along and see if you've noticed any of these.

Look: Top 10 of the Rudest Things I've Seen in Abilene Churches

Gallery Credit: Brad Elliott

I think many folks may find things on the list that they have seen happen at church services too. Do I think anybody who does these things will get struck down by lightning? Absolutely not.

Nowadays with everything so fast-paced, streaming services and smartphones with everything on demand, it's difficult sometimes to focus on what's needed at the moment. Whether spiritual or otherwise. I know I'm guilty as well. We live in a distractive type of culture. Many times multi-tasking. Let's face it, it's not that easy in this day and age. Maybe that's why I need as much spiritual soul food as possible.

While spiritual food is good for you, junk food isn't that great. But, we love it. Keep scrolling to check out the junk food we all enjoy.

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