Sorry Billy Crystal. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that 'Family Guy' creator and 'Ted' director Seth MacFarlane will host the 85th Annual Academy Awards on February 24, 2013.

Though earlier rumors had Jimmy Fallon hosting with 'SNL' creator Lorne Michaels producing, both Fallon and Michaels backed out, leaving a hosting vacancy. In comes Seth MacFarlane who many now believe he season premiere turn on 'SNL' was an audition of sorts for the Oscar gig and with MacFarlane turning in a mostly winning performance, he scored the gig.

Says MacFarlane of the new gig:

It's truly an overwhelming privilege to be asked to host the Oscars. My two thoughts upon hearing the news were, 1) I will do my utmost to live up to the high standards set forth by my predecessors and 2) I hope they don't find out I hosted the Charlie Sheen Roast.

The Oscars have long hoped to go younger and "hipper" with their choice of Oscar host, a choice that backfired last year when producer Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy when Ratner was fired for homophobic comments and Murphy abruptly left after his departure. They went back to mainstay Billy Crystal who, while solid and dependable, is anything but young and/or hip.

But is Seth MacFarlane too much edge for the stodgy and stiff Oscars? He can sing (sort of) and that's always a big part of the old fashioned monologue. Will he lean on that old 'Family Guy' bit of "This reminds me of that time when..."? Do half of the Academy members even know who he is? What do you think of the choice?

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