Woman Beats Oregon Man For Video Taping Her in Bathroom
A man who works as a janitor for an Oregon school district is in the Multhomah County jail, with a few bruises and scratches, after he allegedly tried to videotape a woman in the bathroom stall of a pub, but she decided he wouldn't get away without some damage.
Keeping Cool in The Summer in The ’70s [VIDEOS]
Yep, I grew up in the '70s and boy have times changed! Today kids are inside on their phones or iPads. But, when I was a kid, on a hot summer day you could find me and my friends playing in the back yard. I had a Water Wiggle and a friend of mine had a Slip 'N Slide.
Deadly Wedgie
Brad Lee Davis, 33, of Oklahoma, has been charged with manslaughter after confessing to giving his stepfather a lethal wedgie.
Chicken Tender Delays Diamondbacks-Giants Game [VIDEO]
AT&T Park in San Francisco is the home of the Giants. It is also known for seagulls flying on the field during games. Thursday night's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks had to be halted in the 12th inning when a chicken tender fell from the sky and landed on the pitcher's mound. Ho...
Upset Seahawks Fan Goes Head First Into TV After Super Bowl Loss [VIDEO]
When I started working in radio nearly 20 years ago, I attended a radio station Super Bowl Party along with my family. One of the things we received at the door was a free registration ticket for a chance to win a series of door prizes. As it turns out, my dad won a large 50-inch Hitachi projection screen television that weighed about 250 pounds...

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