Next time, don't leave a loaded pistol in your backpack while riding a bike.

After responding to a report late Monday evening about an alleged robbery attempt that left a Sunnyside teen with a bullet wound to his leg, police now say that's not what happened.

Police went to Sunnyside Community Hospital after a 10:30 pm report about the teen seeking treatment. He initially told police he was confronted by a robber on the bike path between Sunnyview Park and Waneta Road. He said when he refused to surrender his bike, the robber shot him and fled.

But based upon the entry angle of the wound and other forensic evidence, police doubted his story. Then, during a voluntary search, police found a recently fired .22 caliber pistol in the 17-year-olds backpack. It was determined the gun accidentally fired causing a non-life threatening wound.

The case is going to be sent to the Yakima County prosecuting attorney to determine if false reporting charges will be filed. We're wondering if they are also questioning what a 17-year-old teenager is doing with a loaded .22 in his backpack. Hmmm...



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