While Abilene has it's fair share of people who participate in "trashing Abilene" and/or not to mention dumping unwanted garbage, which is highly illegal in Texas.  Abilene, for the most part, is a pretty clean city.

I believe the City of Abilene does a pretty good job at trying to 'Keep Abilene Beautiful'. In trying to do so, Abilene's City leaders recently (within the last year) introduced a couple of places where "dumping legally" can be done.

It's called the 'Citizen's Convenience Center' and the best part is, that it's free (to Abilene residents only). If you ain't from here, don't even think of trashing our city.

  • Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Citizens Convenience Center

    The City of Abilene has created a 'Citizens Convenience Center' at 2149 Sandy Street. It's a place where Abilene residents can dump things like furniture, mattresses, carpeting (limit two rolls per day), wood fencing (limit 50 feet per day) and other bulky items. Proof of Abilene residency will be required and no commercial dumping.

  • Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

    Abilene Brush and Limb Center

    A recent addition that was located in the old Abilene Recycle Center on Oak Street. This is a new place where one can dump their tree limbs, shrub trimmings and  grass clippings.

    Plus the Abilene Brush and Limb Center offers mulch made from those trimmings. Only Abilene residents can dump there. It's located at 2149 Sandy Street.

  • Photo by Facebook/KeepAbileneBeautiful

    Abilene Recycling Center

    The Abilene Recycling Center is the one place where "nearly" anything could be dumped off (within reason). There's usually an amnesty day where Abilene residents  can dump their trashy items like tires, shingles, wood, rock, brick, dry or liquid chemicals. This is where the "Spring Clean of Abilene" originated from at 2209 Oak Street.

  • Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

    Neighborhood Recycling Center

    These are the places you drive by and wonder 'who separates their trash", or at least I used to. Nowadays, it's not a good Idea to just throw away trash at will. You are a friend of the earth if you recycle. There are several 'Recycle Station' locations where you can drop off your separated items. They are:

    • Buffalo Gap Road & Rebecca Lane
    • South 14th & Barrow in the HEB Parking Lot
    • Catclaw & Southwest Drive
    • Judge Ely & N.10th Street
  • Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

    Abilene Landfill aka 'The Dump'

    This is the trashiest place in Abilene. While the landfill is where most trash goes, it's not owned or operated by the City of Abilene. The Landfill located in North Abilene on FM-3034 belongs to Republic Services. Dumping your trash at the landfill will cost you.

    Knowing where to dump what items, is why you'll need to check the City of Abilene's 'Solid Waste Services' websites.