Main Street Elementary School in South Los Angeles was a scene of confusion and mayhem Wednesday when a 100-year-old driver backed his car onto a sidewalk and injured nine children and two adults at the end of the school day.

According to witnesses, a Cadillac driven by Preston Carter jumped a curb near the school and slowly backed into a group of parents and students buying snacks from a sidewalk vendor. Several children were trapped under the vehicle.

Although four of the children were initially in critical condition, firefighters stabilized them and brought them to a local hospital. Fortunately, all injured parties are expected to survive.

As for Carter, who will turn 101 on Sept. 5, he claims the accident was the result of mechanical failure. “My brakes failed. It was out of control,” he said. “You know I’m sorry about that. I wouldn’t do that for nothing on earth. My sympathies for them.”

But police Capt. George Rodriguez suspects Carter’s advanced age played a significant part in the incident. “I think it was a miscalculation on his part. The gentleman is elderly,” Rodriguez said. “Obviously he is going to have some impairment on his decision-making.”

Despite that, the collision is currently being investigated as an accident and Carter is not expected to face any charges.

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